The Byronplay 


Byron the Dolphin.png

Everyone has a story, and while as a child I conjured up many a story in my own mind, it wasn't until the late 80's that Byron the dolphin was 'born'. Inspired by the kindergarten children I was caring for,

Byron expressed the wonder, playfulness, laughter, and joy of the young child. 

I saw how ensouling the character of an animal with similar feelings and thought-life as our own, helped the child to identify with each character and get in touch with their own feelings. 


Stories were usually inspired by a particular child's needs or difficulty in their social circles. Each story portrayed the challenges, fears, and triumphs of childhood, informing and supporting the child toward essential growth and change.


Change was modeled by each character in the story, feeding the child's soul and their inherent search for answers...why?...


Through story, the child was observed to be more settled and confident, easily navigating their way through their own adaptation to the environment, personalities, and daily experiences; resolving conflicts themselves, and helping others along the way. 

Byron the dolphin showed the children the importance of sharing, caring, helping others, being kind, and speaking kindly.

After daily requests for another Byron story,                   'please, please, please!'                   

I decided it was time to introduce another character,

Polly Platypus...followed by many more, including Kori Koala,

Baby Brushtail, Tawny Owl, and of course Oscar the Octopus!


Each story naturally inspired the writing of a song; this was where the alchemy of tone, expression, melody, and reverence, combined             with wisdom, wonder, and virtue.            The result?

Happy, healthy children, filled with contentment; knowing that in the end, all is right with the world. 


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