Born in the sheltered waters of the bay, Byron learns his first lessons alongside his mother Crystal. Until one day, Byron is old enough to venture out into the deep blue world beyond the bay. Mother Ocean asks Byron the Dolphin to do something very special for her. The young dolphin rises to the challenge, helping others and making new friends along the way; only to return safely home, after promising his mother he would always remember his ABC – Always – Be – Careful.

This book provides parents and teachers with a story that imparts valuable lessons on forming friendships; sharing, caring, and playing together to find one’s place in the world. Enjoyed by children of all ages, this story brings particular comfort and wonder to the child starting pre-school, or ‘big’ school for the first time; supports, the child in scaffolding from the familiar home environment, to the unfamiliar environment of school and beyond. Byron the Dolphin warms the heart and cheers the soul, filled with the wonder and joy of nature, growth, adventure, kindness, triumph and above all, love.

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