Looking for a colourful bedtime story to send you and your child happily off to the land of Nod? 
Then look no further, Oscar the Octopus is here!
You and the child are about to be immersed in the truth-filled underwater life of the octopus; complemented by rich imaginative adventures into the land of the dreaming and beyond. After leaving Rory reef shark behind, Oscar drifts away in his choice of rainbow colours, and safely into the arms of Mother Ocean. Now, watch as Mother Ocean's show unfolds!
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Then we travel beyond the moon and blazing sun, past twinkling stars above, to planets shining ever-bright with endless light and love. Into a peace-filled realm of green, where calm and common sense are found; then Oscar responds to a call from the Seaweed Sway sisters, swimming through the seaweed sway bed, beyond the Coral Castle where adventure awaits.

See how problems are solved as friends are made, manners are remembered and good times are shared, with a wonderful party in the Coral Castle!

Even Greedy groper is renamed Great, for being a great help and a great mate!
Finally, Oscar is awakened by Sunny Sun above, and the seven colours of the rainbow bring Oscar safely back to earth.
....A dream for the sleeping, a dream worth the keeping, a dream to share gladly until the next time.................sleep........
Goodnight sleepy head........Sweet dreams!

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